It is a constant battle for those managing a Facebook Page – how can I get my posts seen in a user’s Newsfeed without having to advertise?

Facebook has changed its algorithm that decides whether to show your (or your Page’s) content – we’ve outlined the changes, and given some hints as to how you can use this for your own benefit.

The two new dimensions are:

  1. Trending content – if the topic is deemed ‘popular’ by Facebook
  2. The timing of likes and comments to a post – assessing if popularity is relevant for just a certain period – eg. a sporting match or television show

The good news

Facebook is giving you some solid hints on what to post about, and also showing what people are finding interesting in pop culture at the moment. Learning about the public’s interests and desires will always serve to inform. Be careful however of knowing where your customer sits within this public spectrum.

(I also think part of the good news is that you might not see your friend’s posts regarding The Bachelor for days on end. This is because though many people are talking about it, the high volume of content is usually whilst the show is being aired). 

So what should you do? 

You may actually benefit from doing some bandwagon jumping in terms of Facebook’s deemed ‘trending topics’.  The topics are on the right hand side in your Facebook feed – see image, right.

Facebook continue to say “Pages should keep producing great content that is relevant and resonates with their audience”.

We say “Why not experiment with hot topics and measure and review your reach, likes and unlikes”.

An example

Here’s an example using the trending topic of George Clooney’s wedding.
The Business Woman website put a great spin on this topic with the below news story’s headline – if you work in professional services, you could share this post with your own witty comment to make your client’s smile.

Here are some example Facebook posts, where you could share the news story (pictured, right).

“It’s time to let the cat out of the bag – we are also hiding famous actors as our spouses”


“You can imagine the water cooler conversation around this one in the office!”


“Okay guys, I know that us Accountants are going to hit Hollywood soon – it’s NEARLY our time to shine!”

By putting a relevant spin on a story for your profession, plus using a highly trending topic, this should pushed your post into a higher proportion of news feeds than usual.

Approach with caution 
Be careful that trending topics may push your message out further for longer, but there is a risk of alienating your own audience.

The sensible bit

As always with Facebook; post regularly, use images and do your best to be engaging; measure and review.

Any questions? 

Drop us an email, or call us.


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