How do you measure the success of your SEO?

I can get you on Page 1 for 100 keywords! We all receive these emails every day, right?

As I delete another five this morning, I wonder… those of you who do your own Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), or who use an agency, or who are contemplating either – how do you measure your SEO work?

Which SEO metrics are important?

Let’s set the foundation first – we do Search Engine Optimisation to drive traffic to our website; to encourage contact, or to help people physically find our business – ultimately to purchase or engage a service.  We don’t do SEO, to be good at SEO.

It’s easy to get caught up in the notion that your SEO is working (or your agency is doing a great job) if you have 10, 20, 50 different keyword searches and for each of those, your website has a page 1 result.  Sounds great – but that’s not the point. We need the user to click.  

Your metrics must be CLICKS, CALLS or DIRECTION SEARCHES from SEO.

Each of the above are measurable and should form part of your KPIs for SEO. You still need to monitor your keyword ranking, but this ranking is just part of the story of your SEO success.

How to get these metrics

Google Analytics, Google My Business and Google Webmaster will give you all of the information you need.

Google Webmaster will show you how many times your website showed up in search results, where you are ranked, and how many times your site was clicked on. This conversion rate is critical for measurement and adjusting your SEO strategy.

See below – as an example:

Webmaster Metrics

We need to work on the click through rate (CTR) of the first query to boost the success of this keyword as the impressions (the amount of times the site was seen in a search result) are high, and (most likely) the result is on page one (Position 7). This shows an opportunity. Though the CTR is high on the fourth query below, the impressions are low – we are better off spending our time on the queries where we are shown more frequently.

Google Analytics will show you your clicks from SEO, and you can link this through to your goals.

Google Analytics Stats

Of the 2,804 clicks to the website, 105 resulted in a goal completion. This percentage rate is okay, but we’re aiming for higher and we now need to look at the page that the users landed on to see how it can work harder to push visitors to a goal completion.

Google My Business (left) will let you know how many people have called you, asked for directions, or clicked on a page result. It provides month by month reporting.

We’re pretty happy with these month on month results. We now need to touch base with the client and find out what happened with those phone calls and those who visited in store.


Once these metrics are set up and  monitored, you have ensured that any resources put towards SEO are working harder for you, as you have strategic measurable results.

Enjoy placing those emails where they belong!



Want to have a conversation about Search Engine Optimisation? Can we help in setting up these metrics for you, or optimising your website for search? Would you like more details of some of our SEO Success story clients?

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