Achieve Results.
Pitstop Marketing is your outsourced marketing department. We are strategists and project managers who help to leverage and strengthen your brand.

What sets us apart is our independent thinking and asking the key questions to develop insights to launch your brand to the next level.

A brand permeates every element of your business. It does not belong to the marketing department. It's strategic direction needs to come from the top and be understood well beyond the identity. Understanding your brand architecture and personality drives all other marketing decisions.

How do you make the most of all the digital platforms, tools and services available to you? How do you determine what is relevant and why? We help you understand the landscape and move forward in a direction relevant to your business plan.

From landing pages, to template designs, to fully customised solutions, we can fit the solution to your needs and ensure you have full control over your website with no lock-ins. E-commerce, database intergration, it can all be achieved.

Designing a logo and setting a style guide, crafting annual reports, print campaigns and advertising and so much more. From simple updates to existing artwork to bespoke web design and everything in between, we can help.

Gathering insights from our own traditional and/or digital research or from client briefings, we plan, design and implement integrated campaigns across multiple channels. We ensure your resources are leveraged to maximise return on investment. Measurement is driven by early planning to deliver visible results.

With the evolving landscape, we use our extensive experience across various industries, channels and target markets to ensure you are in the right space, at the right time, with the right message, for the right audience. Our commitment to ongoing professional development coupled with our experience in this area ensures we are at the forefront.

Your customers are looking for you, but rarely by name. Help them to find you by ensuring  search engines such as Google love you! We help to improve your rankings with real keywords and sincere methodologies. We help to educate you, not pull the wool over your eyes.

Google Adwords, Google Display Network, Google Shopping, Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, Digital media such as Newscorp, Digital radio, Digital TV, the list goes on. Search engine marketing (SEM) and  Remarketing are cost effective and powerful tools which you should be taking advantage of.

Stay in the loop.

We share our learnings, insights and passions on a regular basis. From social media changes, to ideas that inspire us, to new technology and tips and tricks to keep you powering ahead.

Guess who is loving Pinterest now?

Guess who is loving Pinterest now?

Guess who’s loving Pinterest now!?!? We think this will surprise you… Pinterest announced that the fastest growing demographic to use the platform is… Gen Z (largely teens to young adults in their early/mid 20’s) and men! Globally, both audiences grew 40% year over year in 2020 .

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Google Reviews

Google Reviews

There’s now a faster, better way to report Google My Business reviews for removal. It’s a huge bug-bear for businesses - fake or just plain inappropriate reviews on Google! Well, there’s now a quicker way to report those reviews to Google for removal; if they violate...

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Recent work.
Our skills in action.
Working across brand strategy, digital marketing and campaign management, each project is unique. Much of our work is in the thinking, the strategy, the ideas. Below are a few examples.
Pitstop Marketing delivered a new name, a new brand identity, website, social media channels and email subscription within a week.
A complex offering required a strategic integrated marketing campaign.

A persona-led marketing strategy and an engaging website.

Launching a new brand with creative ideas that made real impact.