Georgi Roberts  |  Thursday 17th October  2013

Normally we blog about issues for business, but with the onslaught of privacy setting changes online, it feels right to give you

 a heads up on a more personal level, as Facebook have changed the privacy settings for minors.

In the past, 13-17 year olds did not have the ability to share information publicly.

The major change is, now, they can.

The other change, is when minors share a post, it defaults as sharing to ‘Friends’ only (it used to be Friends of Friends). 13-17 year olds, can change this to Friends of Friends OR Public. 

Facebook will prompt them the first ‘couple of times’ and remind them that this post can be seen by anyone and everyone. 

Thankfully, the way that 13-17 year olds use private messaging has not been changed, with messages only being received from Friends or Friends of Friends. 

For me, the default setting of sharing to Friends is a positive step for privacy, but I feel that the ability for minor’s information to be shared publicly is a backwards and concerning move. 

This change is a reminder that it’s a good idea to regularly check your privacy settings on Facebook. Things do change, and with Facebook apps installed, and external apps having access to Facebook, it can be hard to keep up to date. 

How to check your Facebook privacy settings  (or your kids)

First have a look at what other people see, and be in control of when you are tagged. 

1. Click on the gear setting, top right of your Facebook page and choose Account Settings

2. Choose ‘Timeline and Tagging’. 

This is a powerful setting as you can :

1. Choose to review any post or image that someone tags you in, before it goes live 

2. View how your Facebook timeline looks to those you are not friends with. “Review what other people see on your timeline”. 

If you thought your photos were only visible to Friends and you see them on here, it’s time to sort out your privacy settings (see below). 

Now to change and further review your Privacy 

Select Privacy from the Account settings area, or again, click on the gear setting, top right of your Facebook page and this time select Privacy settings. 

Be meticulous and go through each of these settings. 

Decide who you are comfortable with seeing your activity, who you want to be able to contact you, and who you want to be able to find you AND if you want your profile to be accessed by search engines. 

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. 


Oh – and look out for our blog next week on Google’s privacy setting changes.

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