Georgi Roberts  |  Monday 8th July  2013
Last week Ruby joined Pitstop Marketing for a week of work experience. An opportunity for her to gain some office environment experience and a rewarding experience for the Pitstop Marketing team too.

Having a new person in the office makes you acutely aware of the marketing of your own business. I needed to know what our business is all about (our Unique Selling Proposition), how we operate (our process), and what we deliver to clients (key services, Products and Results).

Being able to articulate these parts of the Pitstop Marketing identity to a high school student is just as important as a client. Results occur when you have massaged your message to suit your target market. ?

Ruby produced great results for us during her week at Pitstop Marketing. Her research, ideas and willingness to let us know how a 15 year old thinks (okay, so I grilled her about teen’s use of social media) were invaluable.

She’s written a short piece below about her time with us.

Thanks Ruby.

My Week

This week I have been doing work experience at Pitstop Marketing. It has been so much fun and I got so much out of it!
I came in to this week wanting to find out what marketing is all about and how it all works. And that is exactly what I got!

Penelope, Georgi and Alice were really welcoming and willing to help me learn which made it easy for me to enjoy the time there.
I got first hand experience at real meetings, with real clients and was included in discussions. I was given the chance to speak my opinion and get involved as much as I could.  

During the week I got to do a range of different things from researching on the computer to off site meetings. But the best thing I did this week was looking at all the designs and websites that Pitstop marketing is working on at the moment.  I also found it really good observing the things that Penelope, Georgi and Alice were doing and talking about. It made the time there feel real to me and being in that adult environment made me feel really mature.

Marketing is really interesting and I’m glad I did my work experience in that area. The bits and pieces I learnt prove to me that marketing is definitely a possible career choice for my future. Being in a real job situation was a great learning experience for me and that is what the week was about!

To sum things up it was such and amazing week and I’m really happy that I could help out! The week went too fast and I would have loved to stay so much longer!

Thank you heaps girls!