The elevator pitch – loved by few, despised by many – but necessary! We craft an elevator pitch to enable us to explain what your business does to create a spark of interest in a short space of time.

This is used in many different occasions – networking, answering a cold call on the telephone, chatting with your hairdresser. You just need that spark of interest to open up a bigger conversation.

Today, you also need to have this pitch online.

Your digital elevator pitch is ensuring you grab the right people’s attention, and make them take action. A few words, a good image, some animation – it depends on context and your business.

In crafting this, we must remember that; more and more, the digital user is less willing to spend time on a page / screen. We don’t like to read too much, we like to be entertained and… ooh – a squirrel! That’s right – our attention spans are short. So it is harder to get that ‘spark’ – which is why it needs to be crafted, and thought about.

My top tips for crafting your digital elevator pitch

  1. Can you write it in 160 Characters? This will fit into some ad spaces, Tweets, Facebook posts, headlines on websites (Note for Adwords, you have 30 Characters to work with!)
  2. Consider a call to action. Unlike the face to face, it will be easy for the viewer to ignore you – help them stay in touch
  3. Be visual. We like pictures. And videos.
  4. Keep sentences short. Make it easy to skim read. Like this. See?
  5. Use keywords. Never forget your SEO when producing online content.
  6. Review. Refine. Try some different things – be bold, be funny, be serious. What works best for you? What gets the most clicks or engagement?

My favourites:

Facebook Ad – Vinomofo – on brand, funny, great image.

A great example of on brand Facebook Ad

Flower bros – says what they do – distinct difference between them and competitors. Strong branding.

An example of strong branding

Rip it up’s Twitter profile. No glitz or glamour, but catchy and memorable. Succinct with a great image.

An example of a catchy and memorable Twitter profile image