We’ve rebranded.

It was time for Pitstop Marketing to rebrand. Why? 

We’ve had a few changes within the business, but this was not the primary reason. The truth is that the brand identity just didn’t feel like us anymore.

We needed a logo that represents where the business is today, and where we want to go.

After many months of hard work, we are proud to present the new Pitstop Marketing logo! We are incredibly proud of this, and the story behind it:

  • We are still called Pitstop Marketing, though we’ve removed the word ‘Marketing’ from the logo; everyone calls us Pitstop, and our brand has the equity in it, to not need the word ‘Marketing’ in the identity itself.
  • The handwritten nature of the text and the lower case letters shows that we are genuine and authentic in our actions; this represents our approachable nature and friendliness.
  • The full stop (my favourite part). This shows our confidence in our actions and our belief in not only what we do, but belief in the business and its values.
  • The brand identity now has 3 different colours. This shows the modernity of the logo itself, where company’s brands can be more fluid, with the different applications available now on and offline.
    • We have kept the magenta for historical reasons, but have updated the colour slightly, to feel more modern.
    • We have introduced a beautiful blue which shows our caring nature, yet professional outlook.
    • We have introduced a mustard to represent our creativity and energy.

As you can imagine from a marketing agency, so much thought went into the development of this identity. We needed to ensure that our values, and our vision connected with the logo that represented the business.

We can’t wait to roll this out to all of our on and offline collateral!

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