We answer your questions about the Facebook pixel

If you manage a business page, you’ve probably wondered why Facebook has been prompting you to choose a pixel or update your pixel preferences over the past weeks.

It’s all due to Facebook’s announcement that, from 24 October 2018, advertisers on Facebook will have the option to use a first-party cookie option (rather than third party cookie, which we’ve been using until now).

The aim of this change is to gather more refined analytical information about the effectiveness of Facebook advertisements. Using both first- and third-party cookies will facilitate more comprehensive information on advertising and analytics.

Yet some of you may still ask, “but what is a pixel?” At Pitstop we’re regularly off with the pixels, so let us break down the Facebook pixel for you and answer your burning questions.

Q. What is a Facebook pixel?
A. A pixel is a code used on the back end of your website to track conversions from Facebook ads to your site.

Q. Why do I need a Facebook pixel?
A. The pixel will gather information that will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising on Facebook, and then help inform your future advertising strategy and tactics.

Q. What data does the pixel collect?
A. The pixel will collect data on how people engage with your website after viewing your Facebook advertisement. This includes their behaviour on your site, their use of devices to view your site, and so on.

Q. How can I use the data collected by the pixel?
A. The data can help you best optimise future Facebook advertisements. It can do this in two ways:

  • Ensuring that the ads you run are appropriate in their content (message) and correctly targeted to the right people (audience)
  • Providing insight into maximising the potential of any leads (people who already interacted with your site).

To get started on updating your Facebook Pixel, open your Facebook Business Manager and follow the path to Business Manager Settings > Measure & Report > Events.

If you don’t update your preferences by 24 October 2018, you will be automatically moved over to the new pixel settings.

You can find more information on the Facebook Pixel in the Advertiser Help Centre https://www.facebook.com/business/help/651294705016616

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