Get ready for a change to Insta, that could land more customers on your website, even if you don’t have 10K followers!

The Swipe-up link on Instagram Stories is disappearing, to be replaced with an Instagram Stories Link Sticker.

Instagram swipe-up links > stickers


What does that mean for you?

If you use this function correctly, it could mean more Instagram users coming to your website!

From 30 August, if you have more than 10,000 followers and a Business or Creator account on Instagram, you will be able to add a link to any URL, straight from your Instagram Stories.

Instagram has created a clickable link sticker which displays to the user, the destination domain. This link sticker is far more visible than the swipe-up functionality and we’re betting it will increase conversions from Instagram stories!  Only one link sticker can be added per story.

Instagram is also trialling this with some accounts that have a following less than 10,000 – yep we know that there’s a lot of fingers crossed out there!  Ideally, this will be rolled-out to all Instagram accounts, but there is wariness from the platform about spam links.

If the trial is successful, this will make a huge difference to smaller Instagram accounts, and will no doubt make this platform even more popular for business.

Not following? Here’s what actually changed.

Until this time, adding links to Instagram posts has involved references to “Link in Bio”, which might mean you’re relying on the user to navigate their way to the page you want them to see, or you have to boost it to gain ability for an on-post click.

While it’s also been possible for some time, to add a link to Instagram stories, it’s not been all that visible to users. The ‘swipe-up’ function was easily over-looked but the sticker is unmissable!

If you’re not super familiar with Instagram, let us show you what this means. The graphic below shows where the link sticker can be found, and how it looks on a post.

Instagram swipe-up links > stickers

Watch this space… We’ll be staying tuned for the results of the trial and testing out the new link sticker ourselves!