Google started off with some subtle advice – but now it’s like they are trying to hit you over a head with a brick – YOUR WEBSITE MUST BE MOBILE FRIENDLY!

Initially Google released an update to their search algorithm which ensured that sites which are not mobile friendly will not rank highly in search results. It seems that our behaviour to adapt to this news wasn’t dramatic or rapid enough.

Now, you just need to type ‘mobile friendly’ into Google Search, and you’ll either get a link to their testing tool, OR you’ll get the tool right there in your browser, just asking for your URL to test against.

We can practically hear Google pleading with us –  ‘Come on… what do we need to do here people!! Get your website mobile friendly!’. 

And why? 

  • Did you know that there are more mobiles than people in Australia now?
  • 40% of Millenials research purchases on their smartphones
  • 84% of smartphone shoppers look to their phone to help them shop whilst in a store

We are becoming more and more connected to our mobile phones. Some of us even remember turning it off when we got home to save the battery! The younger generations now see mobiles as part of their life ‘by default’; meaning that it is not a choice, it is just how things are.

This means, for business – we need to adapt to this. For any business who tells me that ‘the younger generation’ are not part of their target market, I say give me five years and they will be – or they will at least be heavily influencing those who do the purchasing. So – your site, your online presence needs to be ready for the mobile market.

Back to Google… try their testing tool. If you come up with a negative result – YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Positive? Excellent – but still check your rankings.

Google are still the owners of the search engine rankings – if they say jump – your answer needs to be how high, not ‘hang on a minute while my page loads’.

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