If you manage a Facebook page for your business, you may see your likes drop.

Georgi Roberts |  Tuesday 7th April 2015 

Facebook announced that there may be a dip in your number of page likes.

In an effort to keep data consistent, page likes will be removed from inactive user accounts that have been manually deactivated or ‘memorialised’ after its owner has passed.

Likes and comments from these accounts have already been filtered out on personal pages and the change will bring business pages up to speed.

We see this as a positive update: deactivated accounts gives page Admins a true reflection of their current Facebook audience.

Yes, Facebook is partly a numbers game (click here to read our social proof blog), but ultimately, Facebook use should have a purpose. There is no point marketing to those who are not interested in your product or service – so continue to focus on your quality of followers.

Will this change have an impact on your likes? Probably. As to the scale, it depends. The jury is out on the impact on those that have bought ‘fake’ likes. These are unlikely to be deleted, given that Facebook used the word ‘inactive’ to indicate accounts that are not running live. If you have bought likes, or run a promotional campaign, it is likely you will see some form of drop over time in any case.

At the very least, this update is an increase in Facebook’s transparency. Their user numbers will undoubtedly drop – but we think that Zuckerburg is pretty comfortable in his shoes right now.

If Facebook likes form part of your KPIs you may want to pay special attention to this over the next few weeks, and put some notes alongside – especially if you are being held accountable for these shifts.

More information on this change from the Facebook for Business page here: