During a presentation, or advising on marketing, I often refer to the same links time and again, to provide further insight or inspiration. 

They’re not going to suddenly create sales, or deliver new leads banging at your door – but they are ALL important – and this is why I share them.

Georgi Roberts | Monday 28 November 2016

1. Simon Sinek’s Find your Why Ted Talk:

There are many reasons to watch this. Inspiration for leaders, inspiration for business owners – in fact, this helped Penelope and I in our Business Planning just last weekend, determining our purpose and vision for Pitstop Marketing.

For those who are involved in marketing – this helps with your brand definition and content marketing. Having your Why:

  • Gives you a check in point for your content. Is this aligned to my why?
  • Inspires content. The passion behind your why. Write about it.
  • Assists with interesting writing. Less focus on product or service nitty gritty, more focus on the outcomes of the product.
  • A reminder to think bigger, and move away from the all too common marketing blog titles.


2. Google’s ZMOT 

The rise and rise of internet access, smart phones and our acceptance of constantly looking down has all moved towards more of us being online for more hours of every day. For business referrals the impact is huge. No longer will we simply rely on a pure word of mouth referral. We do our research online. Whether it is a ‘I”ll just check their website’, to a price match for a product, brand comparisons, we’re researching hard.

In the Customer Decision Journey, this Research phase has been coined the ‘Zero Moment of Truth’ by Google. This is all about how the internet has changed how we decide what we buy. Google is constantly updating their research on this and providing key insight.

It’s a must read: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/collections/zero-moment-truth.html 

3. Our Spam and Privacy Blog 

You NEED to know who you can contact, how you are allowed to store people’s details. A few years ago GraysOnline paid a $165,000 fine for non compliance. Ignorance is expensive, not bliss. Enough said.

Read It. Now.

Plus, often I share other links – amusing videos (I love this one: https://youtu.be/5N_ZGvdzHfo), other relevant articles at the time, PLUS I also share our Facebook page, as all of our blogs are all shared on here, plus useful marketing links.