Let’s talk about the new ABC News service – delivered directly to you through Facebook Messenger.

To find it and sign up. simply search  ‘ABC News’ in Messenger and follow the prompts. It is an intuitive process, which steps you through various ‘I’m in’ and ‘I’m out’ style questions, to gauge what topics you’re interested in. You can set a time in the morning to receive your daily news summary, with a later delivery service on the weekends.

I love how the sign up process is automated – yet so friendly. The tone and emoji use makes the robot-like responses feel more human. For example – when asking you about signing up for news throughout the day, it suggests that it will ‘conquer your FOMO’.

Once signed up you receive your daily dose of the news – at your preselected time in the morning, and an odd story here and there throughout the day, dependant on your chosen ‘topics’. All delivered direct to you, in your Messenger ‘inbox’.

The stories are delivered as short two-sentence summaries – another benefit. I love that I can get quick snippets of news, and at the push of a button get access to full articles. The process is streamlined – at all times you stay within the Messenger app, even when reading the full news story.

It’s not all ‘push’ with news though – you can also prompt the news service by selecting ‘give me the news’ at any time throughout the day through your inbox.

Overall I think this is a smart; quick and easy way to fulfil the need of being up-to-date with the news.  The ‘human’ sign up process, snippets of news and prompt delivery are what I love about this service. It will be interesting to see how other businesses begin to use Messenger in the coming months.

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