It’s the news flash that may have already hit your radar – as of today, Google will rank ‘mobile-friendly’ sites higher. 

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty – what does this really mean?

Google has made an update to their search algorthim that will put mobile friendly pages first… in Google’s mobile search results only. If a search is being made on a desktop, OR a tablet, your site’s search results will not be penalised. If your mobile rankings drop, this does not mean that your desktop rankings will drop.

This doesn’t necessarily let you breathe a sigh of relief – have you checked how much of your web traffic is from mobile devices recently? It’s growing, and this change should not be ignored.

You can test pages of your site right now:

So what should you do?
Google say that it may take a few weeks for this new algorithim to roll out. But get started and check your site now.

Should you discover some, or all of your site is not mobile friendly. Don’t panic.  We recommend you check your most visited / most important pages on your website. If you need to adapt prioritise these pages whilst you plan to make your whole site mobile friendly.

As always – beware of the circling sharks and increased spam on this topic. You won’t be delisted from search results if your site isn’t mobile friendly – you just won’t appear in such a high position.

Google are putting out many resources, helping webmasters move along with this change, with great articles such as this one about common mistakes that are made when developing a mobile site.

Need help with your site?
Pitstop Marketing can assist you with fast interim solutions to ensure you don’t miss out on valuable quality traffic. We can also assist with mobile friendly site redevelopments – after all there is no point having a site if you are not ‘findable’.