Every generation has its defining cultural moment. In the 1960s it was the moon landing. In the 1980s it was the fall of the Berlin Wall. In the 2000s it was John Farnham’s farewell tour.

In the world of marketing, there are pivotal moments of popular culture that predominate. These are often associated with blockbuster movies like Star Wars, and international sporting competitions such as the Olympic Games or World Cup.

Arguably, the biggest event for branding and advertising in recent memory is the final season of Game of Thrones (GoT). Whether you’ve followed the HBO series into the seven kingdoms, or not, there is no escaping the water cooler conversations about the eighth and final season.

Hype for this series has also led to an overload of creative brand partnerships. A long list of global companies has sought to battle ‘beyond the Wall’ to leverage the Game of Thrones name. Not since The Hunger Games or Lord of the Rings have we seen such marketing investment in a screen franchise.

We’ve narrowed down the most creative, as well as the most tenuous, GoT brand partnerships. Take a look!



No brand has committed more fully than Oreo, who recreated the opening titles of the series entirely in cookies. 2,750 biscuits were used, and fortunately none were harmed, in the creation of this cream-filled mini-masterpiece.

Johnnie Walker

The iconic whiskey brand has used its homonymous connection to the ice creatures of Far North Westeros, to develop a new product for fans of the show. If we’re being honest, the degree of creativity of this promotion has left us a bit cold (pardon the pun).

Red Cross Blood Service

GoT devotees will be all too familiar with the graphic nature of the show. Through its partnership with HBO, the American Red Cross has sought to direct a blood-thirsty audience to its donation centres. The delivery is incredibly dramatic yet subtle, prompting viewers to #bleedforthethrone like their favourite characters.


Inevitably brands use subverted techniques to associate themselves without official endorsement. Aldi (UK) has launched a ‘Game on Thrones’ campaign to promote toilet paper – a fairly excremental connection to the show, one could argue.


The German brand has released a range of GoT-themed footwear dedicated to the famous names of the series. Fanatics can hit the streets representing the noble families and warring factions of the Seven Kingdoms. We’re wondering if adidas tried to convince producers to include some product placement of their shoes in the final season too?


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