Brand Strategy

A brand permeates every element of your business, it does not belong to the marketing department. It’s strategic direction needs to come from the top and be understood well beyond the logo. Understanding your brand architecture and personality drives all other marketing decisions.

Developing your brand strategy can involve a lot or a little. The level of work involved will depend on the level of insight that exists, the objectives and budget considerations. Pitstop Marketing has assisted clients over the years with brand strategy at a coaching level, delivering presentations, or diving deeper in detailed research, workshops and comprehensive brand audits.

The most critical element, is that brand strategy is adopted from the top down and that a brand must be lived throughout the whole of the company from the reception desk, through human resources, to operations and even the finance department.

We help businesses, organisations and even products or services to define their purpose, their personality, their core messages and explore ways to deliver an authentic, consistent message to their audience. From an internal marketing and culture perspective through to defining the look and feel with graphic identity and interior design.

We assist organisations with multiple brands to understand how they all fit together, how to grow them, or change them. How to sell one brand or adopt another. Brand architecture plays a key roll in positioning both internally and externally.

Core services include:

  • Brand workshop and recommendations
  • Brand audits
  • Brand research
  • Competitor Research

1414 Degrees are very happy with the responsiveness of the Pitstop team under pressure. Pitstop pulled out all the stops to make it happen for 1414 Degrees. The board really liked the rebranding and marketing scheme and look forward to a successful collaboration.

Dr Kevin Moriarty

Executive Chairman, 1414 Degrees