My latest prized possession wasn’t expensive, is easy to get and sits in my pantry, yet it was the best early Christmas present ever. The minute I got it I shared pictures on social media and then I told everyone at work and anyone who would listen that I had one. What is it? My personalised jar of Nutella, and I love it.

Nutella has always been a delicious treat, beloved by many but lately they have developed a following much more akin to cult status. There are restaurants dedicated to Nutella based goodies around the world, Australia is getting a festival dedicated to the stuff and when there was a shortage of hazelnuts, news sites went into meltdown predicting world wide Nutella shortages. Nutella cleverly did nothing to dispel these rumours and profited from people panicking and stocking up.

Now they have taken Nutella fandom one-step further, allowing you to personalise your own jar.

This isn’t a new concept. Luggage (particularly the premium kind) has been monogramed for many years now, Nike lets you add tiny customised number plates to the back of your kicks and even Coca Cola got in the act. Why? Because putting your name on it makes you connect, makes you take ownership. It’s not just A jar of Nutella, it’s MY jar of Nutella and it’s BETTER than everyone else’s because it’s mine.

Now I’m shouting from the rooftops about my great jar of Nutella and looking through my Facebook and Instagram – others are doing the same and it’s not even free, you have to pay extra to get your name on the jar! Yet we don’t mind, we pay and we follow up with free brand exposure.

Simple, effective, brilliant. Keep it up Nutella. (p.s. I Love You)