Instagrammers, prepare to meet your new therapist… spiritual guide… fitness guru… life coach… or yoga instructor!

In the past few months, we have relied on our social media accounts more than ever. Not only has social media provided a way to connect, but it has also provided distraction, entertainment and even companionship on many days and nights spent at home.

[We know you signed up for TikTok in the height of the restrictions. It’s ok, you’re not alone… We haven’t deleted it yet either.]

This change in behaviour hasn’t gone unnoticed, and social media platforms have tried to out-manoeuvre each other in responding positively and constructively to the crisis.

Instagram is taking its role one step further and has recently announced the launch of its new feature to be known as Guides.
Read the Instagram blog here, announcing the launch.

The very first Guides is being launched under the theme of wellness, as Instagram seeks to cultivate resources to help us navigate and emerge from COVID-19. Themes of self-care, maintaining connection and mental health will feature heavily, generated by many reputable organisations and experts (we hope).

If you’re a practitioner or organisation offering wellness products or services, you’ll want to look into this!

Guides aims to be a one-stop-shop for informative, positive, and inspirational content from trusted sources; an antithesis to fake news which has gained infamy in recent years. It’s a critical goal, and how well Guides earns this reputation is something we’ll be monitoring closely! When we’re talking about wellness, the importance of factual, trusted content could not be overstated.

Moving forward, Guides will provide a platform for creators and organisations to jointly develop content based around various themes.

It is to be rolled-out immediately, and will soon feature within the Explore tab in the app.

We see this as a great opportunity for practitioners and organisations to promote their expertise and build their profile, while providing a useful service to the broader community. But as always – we’re advocates for accuracy and trusted content!