Alice McDonald |  Tuesday 22rd July 2014 

Swarm is one of the newest social media channels. Initially, I thought
that it sounded a bit nasty. I can’t think of much good that comes as a
swarm… bees, locusts, other small organisms in motion…

But as soon as you start talking about a ‘Swarm of my best mates’ – now you’ve got my attention.

Swarm is the new app by Foursquare that allows you to keep up and meet up with your friends. I like to think of it as a way to find your friends (‘stalk’)  by location if you want to see who else may be at loose end close by, and arrange an impromptu meet up.

This new application is quick, ‘with swarm you can easily see who’s out nearby and who wants to hang out later’. I’m sensing Gen Y all over this one.

With Swarm, your friends are tagged and you can see where your mates are by feet.  Yep, this app will tell you by the foot how far away they are, along with interesting things in close proximity to your current location.
The technology isn’t new it has simply been ‘re wrapped’ by Foursquare who decided to split its services – Foursquare maintains its primary use for discovering places and now Swarm is for checking in and keeping up with what your friends are up to.
What does it mean for business? Claim your space (your business location, check it is right), and watch this space. Make sure that your location has been identified. Foursquare will still offer in-app advertising, but Swarm (so far) are not monetising the app this way..

Our view? Keep your eye on Foursquare – their money and focus (so the rumours go) is to be the location force to be reckoned with. So if you have a business where people like to check in – like a coffee shop, hair salon or restaurant – stick with Foursquare.
Swarm it’s really just a lot of buzz and not a business tool.


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