Georgi Roberts  |  Thursday 28th May 2013
We’ve all been in the position at work where we have a great idea, or are desperate to work on something we feel is valuable, yet management don’t hear us.

Why? Because we are pigeonholed into a certain skill set in the business. They don’t mean it personally – it’s just that some businesses like to look elsewhere for their advice and innovation.

Rather than sitting and fuming, why not do something about it?

In one of my previous workplaces we would engage consultants to help us with some research and scoping. Hey – I love that kind of work, but there was no way I could either accommodate the extra work, or convince the big cheese that my idea was a great one – because it was an idea from within.

Instead of fuming and moaning about it (okay, well after a day), I decided to use it to my advantage. We engaged the consultant, gave incredibly clear direction and provided them with the type of outcome we wanted to achieve.

I also went in open minded. These guys were being paid good money to do research, so I immersed myself in learning about the way that they did it.

We worked together on the outcome. It empowered me to go to the big cheese and say ‘Hey – here is the recommendation from XYZ consultancy.’ And I could back it up with examples that I had discovered and suggest methods of implementation.

The consultants looked good and earned their fee – and I looked good because I was owning and giving implementation ideas for an exciting new project.

Now, being a consultant, I am incredibly aware of those in such a position. At Pitstop Marketing we work hard to ensure that the client (all of those involved) have ownership of such projects. Everyone looks good. The outcome is good. And that’s the point, right?