Search Engine Optimisation

Your customers are looking for you, but rarely by name. Help them to find you by ensuring search engines such as Google love you! We help to improve your rankings with real keywords and sincere methodologies. We help to educate you, not pull the wool over your eyes.

There is so much more to SEO than meets the eye. Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and we make it a priority to stay on top of industry updates and new developments.

We do know that content, layout, meta tags, alt text, dwell time and user experience all play a part. We conduct SEO work on your site that considers all these factors and above else always ensure that we are adding value to the website and the consumer, not just dumping in text.

It’s important to remember that Google is always reviewing your position and favours a continuously updated site, meaning SEO is never a set and forget activity and rather something that should be a constant work in progress.

We can work with you to develop an SEO strategy and empower your business to implement it, or set up an ongoing retainer where we do the monthly work for you.

Pitstop Marketing created a wonderful website for me. They portrayed my professional style very well and included features that are easily navigated. Georgi and Olga were very kind and patient with me during the website development phase, at a time when I was busy and stressed. I was able to relax about the website project, knowing it was in good hands.

Initially after the website launch I was concerned about my low ranking for key search words. Georgi and Olga were so patient with my questions and doubts:-) Steadily my website reached the prominence I was hoping for. I am delighted with the number of enquiries and bookings my website now generates.

Many thanks to Pitstop Marketing!

Dr Marie Tudor

Owner, Dr Marie Tudor

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