Online Advertising

Google Adwords, Google Display Network, Google Shopping, Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, Digital media such as Newscorp, Digital radio, Digital TV, the list goes on. Search engine marketing (SEM) and Remarketing are cost effective and powerful tools which you should be taking advantage of.

Getting your message out to the right people at the right time is crucial. Out of all mediums, online advertising allows you to be most granular with audience segmentation and in theory can deliver the most transparent reporting but it also gives you the most choice. So how do you know where to advertise, when and to who? Pitstop Marketing can help you narrow down the platforms that will work best with your business goal and budget.

Analysing the data and keeping up with the constant platform changes are imperative to gauging whether your campaign is performing. At Pitstop Marketing we know how to interpret the data and we stay across all the latest changes and keep you informed.

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