Georgi Roberts  |  Monday 25th March 2013
On a whim, when purchasing design features for our new office, Penelope bought a bag of wooden scrabble tiles. Hardly the time for board games, so Alice and I thought, however she came up with the idea of putting some words up around the office that inspire and motivate us. Or just make us laugh.

Here’s what we chose:

Georgi – REACH
(10 points)

I chose my word to signify one of the key outcomes that I offer to our clients and that I have gained for our clients – increasing their reach.

This means pushing their name, and their brand out to more people than just their clients, or their contact lists. It means when their company name is mentioned, people respond with – ‘I’ve heard about them’, or even better ‘I’ve heard they’re really good’. It means increasing the amount of potential customers that will come and purchase their goods or services.

It’s a really satisfying outcome to give to clients. It’s above my desk to remind me of one part of my job that I really love, and to remind myself to talk about it more. Like now.

(11 points)

I love change. I find that new beginnings have a sense of adventure and are invigorating so I am really enjoying my new office set up. I sit here at my new crisp white desk, super comfy back hugging chair, natural light streaming in the window and the smell of fresh paint and my large flat white wafting around me… I feel at the ready and creatively charged.?? Beginnings mean possibilities –  looking forward, fresh starts – they are exciting and can lead anywhere.

With project work, I have many beginnings with my clients, whether it’s the start of a new campaign, a new initiative or a change of tack.  There is a sense of adventure that I really enjoy.

I like the energy of this word –  the sense that anything is possible.

Penelope – ACTION
(8 points)

It’s the first month back to work for me, and after a period of focusing on business planning, the weeks ahead are all about action. It’s so easy to lose momentum after strategic planning, as I see with clients all the time. The real results are only achieved through action and I want to remind myself not to get derailed or sidetracked but to focus on action and getting the jobs done. Looking at the word when I sit at my desk gives me motivation, a sense of urgency and excitement.

General office  – REPURPOSED
(15 points)

We have a beautiful table in the office, cut to size from plywood, that sits on two  old Singer sewing machine bases. It’s unique, it’s a clever idea from our interior designer, to repurpose the stunning ironwork in this way. It has real impact. And for us – it was great cost effective way of having a ‘one off’ piece of furniture in the office.

Repurpose is a big word in content marketing. If you’ve created a stunning piece of content – don’t just push it out once through email, or social media, or blogs. Repurpose it – use it again, in a relevant way for your business now. Create a new title for it, write a timely intro and put it out on your social media channels – drive people back to that fantastic article and remind them of how you think, and how you work.

Repurposing makes sense for your resourcing. It’s a fantastic marketing tool.  And boy does it make a nice table.

We have committed to changing these tiles once a month – look out for the next round!