Sharpen Up
Launch Strategy

Sharpen Up

The Challenge

Sharpen Up has been styling houses for sale for over 6 years, and wanted to launch an interior decorating service for people not selling. They had identified the need to revitalise the brand and had engaged a graphic designer to create a new identity. With that in hand and some minor edits to the look and feel of their existing website, they needed advice and ideas on how to take it to market and officially launch. With new competitors entering the market with big marketing budgets, Sharpen Up needed to leverage this opportunity with a modest budget that needed to really deliver on ROI.

The Solution

Staff are feeling more engaged than ever and were positive and excited to implement the campaign ideas. Facebook likes grew by 107 within the week – a 160% increase. The team received multiple calls and emails of thanks from the Real Estate Agents – a considerable spike in personal engagement. The client feels excited and empowered to continue rolling out the launch ideas and the defined brand.

Client Testimonial

“It gave us a whole new head space about how we think, how we word things, how we talk, how we feel about our brand. We already lived our brand, but the flow through externally is now there. You guys have been fantastic with head space and thinking it through. The launch strategy has worked really well. It feels like we have opened the strategy document at least 50 times. We are now really focused on our online marketing in a way we have never been before” 

Judy Sharpe, Owner

How we did it

Pitstop Marketing gained a clear understanding of the industry and competitors, the target market and with consideration of budget, and time resources (the launch needed to happen within two weeks) and developed a detailed launch strategy for Sharpen Up to implement internally.

Pitstop Marketing coached Sharpen Up on how to articulate the brand beyond the identity, and help bring the brand to life within its culture and the broader brand experiences.

The campaign focused on a key message: “A Fresh new look, a fresh new offering”. This message leveraged the launch date – the first day of Spring. A promotional offer was developed to bring Spring into the homes of each client that booked in September. A gorgeous potted succulent would be part of the styling and be for clients to keep. Samples of these with the appropriate promotional collateral, were personally delivered to the key target market, Real Estate Agents on 1 September – reinforcing the personalised service that Sharpen Up are renown for.

The campaign also involved internal marketing elements to motivate the team – including a breakfast to discuss the brand and its positioning. A range of tactical implementation recommendations were provided to see the strategy come to life, from editing the promotional copy, electronic direct mail, social media posts, website updates, campaign imagery and design recommendations.

The existing website was given a mini makeover based on feedback from Pitstop Marketing, however, as a new interactive website was still 2 months from being ready, Facebook played the key online role in launching the new brand.