Digital Personas


The Challenge

RiAus is Australia’s national science centre that promotes topics that generate public awareness and a greater understanding of science.

In 2013 RiAus required definition of their desired audience in order to target exact markets in their advertising with messages that would individually resonate.

The Solution

Pitstop Marketing ran a persona definition workshop, focusing on personas that would help achieve immediate objectives within already defined campaigns.

Working with the marketing and programs team, four key personas were defined, matching the desire of each persona to the deliverables of RiAus.

This persona definition shaped their online advertising and messaging, allowing for focus of resources on the advertising channels that would resonate best with each audience, and deliver the best results.

RiAus were able to spend their marketing budget with real intelligence, focusing purely on the audience who would help them reach their desired goals at that particular time.


Increased reach

The campaign’s reach extended by 300% due to this targeted advertising campaign.