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From Pop Up Community Care to Pop-Up Health. A small change, but this name change has brought clarification back to the business, both internally and externally.

Pop Up Community Care was just one name that the business had. During our first brand meeting with the client, we discovered there were around 10 different names used for the business. Pop-Up Health needed clarity of who the brand is, what their name is, and what the brand stands for.

Pitstop held a brand workshop with the team at Pop-Up Health and unearthed key brand values, brand differentiators and how the team felt about the services that they provide.

We discovered a new brand DNA that allowed the business to have a ‘brand-check’ on all of their comms, plus guide them on their activities.

The words:

  • Innovative
  • Compassionate
  • Responsive

summed up who they are, and their differentiation in the market.

Once the final name was decided, we started on the look and feel of the brand identity. Their DNA words were key to how the brand should visually look.

We knew that the new brand needed to push boundaries; therefore we designed a brand identity that is colourful and bold and wants people to take notice.

The new Pop-Up Health brand is professional and trustworthy, but doesn’t fall into the same mould as other health brands – though like others it feels warm and compassionate, this brand is also bold and forward thinking.

Pop-Up Health now has clarity of what the brand is, with a clear company name and message.

The new logo:

The new Pop-Up Health logo is about pushing the boundaries while appealing to a wide demographic – people of all ages, as well as corporate and government organisations.

The colour palette nods to the original scheme, however it is brighter and bolder which shows the innovative and forward thinking nature of the company.

There is a big jump in the evolution of the brandmark. The medical cross is now modern and clean and the round edges show the compassionate nature of the brand.

Old logo

New logo

“Pitstop’s strategic approach allowed us to see our brand more clearly, and they’ve provided us with a new brand that has clarity and consistency. We’re loving working with the team.”

– Kate, Pop-Up Health

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