Platters Plus Catering.
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Platters Plus Catering

The Challenge

Platters Plus Catering was looking to grow their customer base. They had consistent repeat business but wanted to find better ways of reaching new clients across Adelaide’s CBD and suburbs. With online ordering they wanted to ensure customers were driven to the website to buy. SEO was recommended as the most cost effective way to capture an interested audience.

The Outcome

In the last year traffic to the website has increased by almost 12% overall with December 2016 traffic increasing by 41% compared to December 2015.

Traffic from organic search increased by 23% in 2016 compared to 2015, showing the effectiveness of the SEO work on the site.

Sales have also steadily increased year on year and the customer base has expanded throughout the year.

How we did it

Pitstop Marketing undertook research to create the list of keywords to focus on. The aim was to create a list that was relevant, had a high traffic rate and was achievable. Being a very competitive topic we knew that we had to be selective in our focus in order to achieve results.

Following on from this, copy on the site was optimised towards these keywords. Blogs are also written monthly to ensure that the content is updated.

As an image heavy site, a key priority was ensuring that all the images had relevant Alt Text to once again increase the Google ranking.

User experience was also considered when making alternations to the site. We ensure all information was easy to find and placing orders is a simple process.

Updates to the site continue to be carried out to ensure the website loads properly and quickly, again aiding user experience.

Performance is monitored monthly to ensure work is creating results, and we provide reporting – looking at organic search traffic.


Increase in web traffic


Increase in web traffic in December YOY


Increase in web visits from Organic search

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