Increase in web traffic


Increase in web visits from organic search


Increase in time on page

Platters Plus Catering.
Search Engine Optimisation, Website.

The Challenge

Bring more customers.

In 2015 Platters Plus Catering needed to reach a larger customer base across Adelaide after investing in a new website and online ordering system. Our challenge was to extend Platters Plus Catering’s reach and increase their sales by connecting new clients with their website. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was recommended as the most cost-effective way to capture an interested audience.

In 2018 our challenge is to keep the website relevant, and to continue to bring more customers and retain the current customer base.

The Outcome

More traffic, more customers.

In the past two years, traffic to the Platter Plus website has increased substantially, with website sessions in July 2018 increasingly by 86.65% compared to July 2016.

Traffic from organic search increased by 115% in 2018 compared to 2016, showing the effectiveness of the SEO work on the site.

Platters Plus’ sales and overall customer base have also steadily increased year-on-year.

Client Testimonial

We have been working with Pitstop Marketing for a number of years, and specifically, for three years on our SEO strategy. The team have consistently delivered strong organic search results, which is the primary traffic source to our website. Our online ordering system is at the heart of our business, and Pitstop have a deep understanding of our customer’s search behaviour, finding different ways to ensure we appear on page 1 of Google search results, for high traffic, relevant and long-tail keywords. They provide detailed monthly reporting that gives me an understanding of performance, and offer clear communication channels with our account manager.

Pitstop Marketing’s SEO service comes highly recommended by us.

Melanie, Manager

How we did it

Pitstop Marketing undertook initial research to identify keywords that were relevant, had a high traffic rate and were achievable. Being a very competitive topic, we were selective in our focus in order to achieve results.

As part of our detailed content marketing strategy, copy on the Platter Plus site is optimised towards these keywords. Blogs are written monthly to ensure the website reflects catering trends. Inbound marketing and link-building tactics have also been used to grow the website’s online footprint.

As an image heavy site, a key priority has been ensuring that all images have relevant meta data to increase the Google ranking. Page meta data is also considered, to ensure each page permits high readability and relevancy scores for keywords.

Keywords are reviewed regularly, using insights from industry tools and specialised SEO software. Performance is monitored monthly to ensure ongoing SEO work is generating results.

With user experience in mind, we continue to make updates to the website to ensure the website loads seamlessly and speedily, and that customer data is secure.