Strategy and campaign implementation.


The Challenge

CRC CARE had developed a commercial soil and water remediation product called matCARE. CRC CARE scientists in consultation with industry leaders, environmental protection agencies and businesses, developed the product at the request of the Department of Defence. The product was commercialised, but CRC CARE needed a communication strategy to help reach their target audience.

The Solution

The direct mail campaign reached over 430 targeted recipients including airport managers, EPA representatives and key industry stakeholders. The direct mail campaign included a letter and informative brochure.

To drive traffic to the website, we ran a successful Google Adwords campaign that delivered over 125,000 impressions and almost 800 clicks to the website over a three month period.

The client has received some direct sales interest and gained significant exposure in Air Services industry. The campaign has created a solid grounding for targeting other industries outlined in the strategy, including Fire Services and Oil and Gas companies.

How we did it

Having worked with CRC CARE for a number of years, Pitstop Marketing is afforded a detailed understanding of the industry CRC CARE operates within. To better understand the matCARE product, we gained a clear understanding of the product, including the patented scientific technology. We also researched competitors, target markets and channels to develop a detailed strategy to enable to commercialisation of matCARE.

Following the development of the marketing strategy, Pitstop Marketing was engaged to implement an integrated campaign, targeting Airport Managers and Airport Services.

This included the hands-on task of developing a very targeted database, scripting and producing a video, design of illustrations, advertorials and brochures.

A personalised direct mail campaign was activated and supported by advertising in industries-specific publications. Additionally, the CRC CARE website was updated, building matCARE-specific pages and uploading media stories relating to matCARE, leveraging the extensive coverage it is receiving due to a Senate enquiry into the contamination issue that matCARE can remediate.

To drive traffic to these pages, Pitstop Marketing ran a Google Adwords campaign and to ensure a positive consumer brand experience, we developed a detailed communications plan to manage enquiries generated online and offline.

Direct mail recipients

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