Marion Holiday Park
Strategy, Persona Workshop, Campaign and Social.

Marion Holiday Park

The Challenge

Marion Holiday Park is located 12km south of Adelaide’s CBD, and offers a range of accommodation to local, interstate and international holidaymakers. A family-owned and operated business for over 35 years, they have enjoyed organic growth but were looking for ideas and support to manage ongoing marketing activities.

The Solution

Pitstop Marketing delivered a brand and marketing strategy, with implementation of many concepts including the launch of a “35 year celebration” campaign, delivering 166% increase on Facebook likers, increase in website visitation from social media by 700%, 2,650 new email subscribers, airing on South Aussie with Cosi to an audience of 80,000-100,000 and social media posts from Cosi reached over 320,000 people.

How we did it

In November 2015, Pitstop Marketing was engaged by Marion Holiday Park to develop and implement a marketing strategy and provide ongoing social media support. This strategy included a Persona Workshop to identify Marion Holiday Park’s different target audiences.

The strategy addressed:

  • an overarching brand strategy for now and the future;
  • campaign concepts;
  • channel management from on and offline advertising to website and social media;
  • internal marketing;
  • market research;
  • and evaluation, looking at key metrics aligned to the business plan.

This included a 35th Birthday celebration campaign, launched in early 2016 and will culminate in December 2016with a birthday party hosted by Channel 9’s Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello. The campaign involved:

  • setting a look and feel, with an identity
  • celebration of the family milestone on a landing page on the website;
  • social media posts focusing on the family message over 35 years;
  • social media advertising;
  • updating television commercials with the celebratory identity;
  • engaging Andrew “Cosi” Costello from South Aussie with Cosi to develop video and photography footage for use on social media;
  • 8 Social media posts by Cosi to his audience reaching 324,095;
  • featuring the Park in the first episode of the new season of South Aussie with Cosi in 2016;
  •  a competition to win a weekend at the park;
  • and an end of year party bringing all stakeholders together.

The 35 year ‘birthday logo’ was used across all channels and media for 2016. The logo needed to capture the celebratory nature of the milestone and work alongside existing logos. The chosen design included bright colours and a youthful, fun and rounded font to complement the red corporate logo.

The Park featured in Episode One of the new Season of South Aussie with Cosi, via an agreement and shoot negotiated and managed by Pitstop Marketing. The spot aired in September and reached an audience of 80,000 – 100,000, in metro and regional South Australia.

For the 35 year campaign, Pitstop Marketing also developed a detailed content plan including a four month social media competition, promoting the 35 year event and encouraging email sign up for future communications.

Pitstop Marketing worked closely with the client on a retainer to kick start the implementation. Activity included:

  • Managing social media content across Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, ensuring that all content was suitable for the platform.
  • Monthly newsletters, included writing content, creating artwork, building eNewsletter in the client’s chosen email marketing platform.
  • Staff presentation to deliver the strategy and engage all employees, including incentivising their involvement on social media
  • Monthly reporting, showing year on year and month on month results, as well as results against the client’s 2016 budgets
  • Photography to capture the brand appropriately, which could be used across social channels
  • School Holiday specific, digital campaigns targeting Victorian and South Australian families, run across Facebook and the Google Display Network.
  • Remarketing campaigns capturing people who had visited the website previously.
  • Targeted paid digital ads to reach new target audience members, including ads targeting Mums who were booking the family holiday, Flinders Medical Centre staff and patients and couples booking romantic Winter retreats.

The Results

The client reported consistent occupancy and length of stay, with some months delivering a spike year on year and above budget.

The social media competition delivered over 2,650 new emails to the databases, with the promotion visited almost 20,000 times over a four month period.

Marion Holiday Park’s Facebook community has grown from 3000 fans to over 5,000 in nine months, with monthly aggregate post engagement consistently at 60% increase month on month.

8 social media posts from Cosi reached an audience of over 324,095 and the TV episode reached 80,000 – 100,000 people.

The cost per engagement for paid ads remains low (averaging $0.17 per engagement) with reach of ads sitting between 50,000 and 70,000 depending on advertising spend.

Social media has also driven significant traffic to the website in 2016 compared to 2015, with visitor acquisition from social media up 700% on average every month.

All paid ads and sponsored posts drove traffic to the website for accommodation details or booking enquiries. The website has seen a significant uplift in traffic, as an example, 38% more sessions in August 2016 compared to August 2015.

Some of the most successful ads are below, with a summary of their reach and engagement.

Finally, after nine months of working together, the client restructured and Pitstop Marketing empowered the new Communications Manager to manage ongoing marketing and implement the original strategy. We provided creative, planning documents and insights to the client, to ensure consistency of message and creative.

New email sign-ups

New Facebook likes in 9 months

Cost per Ad engagement


Increase on visitor acquisition from social