FlexiPlay Toy Rental.
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FlexiPlay Toy Rental

The Challenge

FlexiPlay wanted to introduce toy rental to the Australian market and came to Pitstop Marketing for assistance to launch the business model and the brand. In addition, FlexiPlay required a rework of their initial website design which would entice consumers but also have a complex back end which could manage the toy rental process.

The Outcome

Working with the client every step of the way we have provided a strategy for launch and assisted with implementation form said strategy, have delivered a steady increase of visits to the website since launch, 466 Facebook followers (and growing) and four articles published across various publications with the potential of more to come.

Client Testimonial

“We approached Pitstop to help us complete our website and work with us on a launch strategy for our toy rental business. We knew straight away that they were perfect for the job. They had a genuine enthusiasm and drive to help our business succeed. The website was completed within the timeframe and it was perfect. They were also very flexible in offering solutions to suit our budget and to educate us on maintaining a social media presence going forward. We look forward to our next project with Pitstop!”

Jo Manifold, Co-Founder of FlexiPlay

How we did it

For this project, not only did we need to introduce consumers to FlexiPlay but also to educate them on the toy rental process. Information and an opportunity to trial was key.

A launch strategy was developed including an analysis of the current market and the development of key target audiences. Key launch concepts were presented with some being implemented by the client and others by Pitstop.

During this time the website was also being developed, in preparation for launch.

In order to drive awareness and trust for the brand we built a strong Facebook presence and ran a Facebook competition to grow the community and give the winners an opportunity to trial the brand. Social proof is now a critical element of word of mouth and this this was a key element of our strategy.

We also developed an influencer campaign, creating a curated list and reaching out to news media, children’s magazines and blogs and key influencers to educate them about the brand. The aim was to for them to share this with their audience, further educating the public about the ease of toy rental and enhance the credibility of FlexiPlay.

At this time the Facebook community continues to grow and more stories are being shared about FlexiPlay. We are continuing to work with FlexiPlay to grow awareness and subscriptions.

Facebook Followers

News Stories

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