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Coeur de Lion


Timesupply, a local South Australian Jewellery & Watch distribution business wanted to launch a new jewellery brand Coeur de Lion, into the Australian and New Zealand markets. The German brand had a strong reputation for quality and style in Europe but was unknown in Australia and New Zealand. The aim was to entice retailers to stock the brand and educate consumers about the brand and encourage them to purchase.


Since launching our social activity in August 2015 we have built a Facebook page that now has over 1,000 followers (and growing) and reaches an audience of 10-20k per month with posts that garner consistent positive engagement on the page.

Our Google Adwords search advertising campaign currently has a 5.49% Click through Rate and a 28% conversion rate to the stockists page.

Website traffic has steadily grown month on month and grew by more than 40% over the holiday gift period. The number of retailers stocking the brand has grown to over 150 stores and is continuing to grow.

The brand is continuing to expand its presence in the Australian and New Zealand landscape and is now a recognisable feature in many jewellery boutique windows.

We are excited to continue to work with Timesupply to further build the brand in Australia and New Zealand over the coming years.

How we did it

Pitstop Marketing facilitated a digital persona workshop to determine the target markets and key platforms to which to target our activities, which we then translated into a strategy. We use this knowledge and strategy within an ongoing monthly digital retainer to grow awareness and sales of the Coeur de Lion brand.

We built a Facebook community for the brand, which has steadily grown month on month, aided by boosted posts, ads and giveaway competitions, as well as a Pinterest account to showcase the product.

The challenge of the Coeur de Lion brand is that sales are all through stockists and there is no online store so we aim to drive people to the website to experience the range and then funnel them to the find a stockists page. The digital presence also builds awareness for customers browsing in store – they now recognise the distinctive Coeur de Lion pieces on display.

Google Adwords search advertising is used throughout the year to drive traffic to the website and has reached a 5.49% CTR and has a 28% conversion rate to the stockists page.

During key periods such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas we also activate Display Network advertising, which increases brand presence during this time and helps to tell the visual story of the brand.

To capitalise on the promotional power of retailers we also send out bi-monthly eDMs to stockists, with pre-designed, sharable imagery and information, to empower them to promote the Coeur de Lion brand. By creating highly sharable content, it makes it easy for them to create content for their own social pages, helps them promote their store, sell product and continues to build the Coeur de Lion brand.

As a highly visual product, imagery is vital to the brand. We took this a step further and worked with the client to create a TVC for the brand to showcase the pieces with movement and continue to build the brand narrative. We have used the TVC on Social and have provided an editable version to retailers who have been able to add their own brand and run the ads in their own region, again benefiting their own sales and the Coeur de Lion brand.


Conversion rate from Adwords


Growth in web visits over holiday period

Facebook followers

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