Brand refresh, website design.

Prescribing modernity and warmth to a desprescribing association.

ADEN - website development

The Challenge

ADeN (The Australian Deprescribing Network) is a research organisation which aims to have fewer people on prescription drugs. It is a network of clinicians, academic researchers, policy makers, students and consumers collaborating to develop clinical guidance that helps individuals stop taking medicines they no longer need.

Their target market is the healthcare industry (surgeons, doctors), plus informing those outside of this industry – professionals and the public.

ADeN needed to boost its credibility and online accessibility.

It needed a clean, fresh and modern brand identity, then applying this to an easy-to-navigate website. The website needed to prioritised the user experience, plus provide a portal to upload research papers.

View the updated website here and check out the website and brand before vs after below.

The Outcome

Pitstop developed a brand that was clean and modern, keeping the desired ‘healthcare’ colours. It was easy to interpret, with the tablet ‘brandmark’, and extrapolating the brand-name acronym below. See the brand refresh before vs after below.

The new website was launched after some fantastic collaboration with the client, including a responsive version for tablet and mobile, which did not exist previously.

Though a clinical topic, the website has warmth and friendliness and provides an easy-to-navigate view of detailed topics. The photography and illustrations bring freshness and interest to the different pages. 

“We are so happy with the new ADeN website and rebrand! We’ve received some lovely positive feedback, as well as requests to have more links/tools added to the website – which reflects that they believe this is a website that people will visit!”

Emily Reeve and Kristie Weir

How we did it

A brief workshop enabled us to establish the goals of the key persona groups. Determining what their users wanted and how they wished to find it allowed us to develop a sitemap and menu which would provide a high performing user experience. This included a more detailed search function, tagging important resources and information with search terms meaningful to these audience groups.

 A small stakeholder ‘test group’ helped fine-tune the design and approach, and the organisation’s twitter feed was integrated as an automatically updating feature on the home page, ensuring the latest research, upcoming annual meetings, and webinars were readily accessible.

What we’re proud of:

  • We provided ‘how-to’ videos so the organisation could make their own edits, and add blogs quickly and easily.
  • The whole feel of the site is warm and modern.
  • We provided key advice around choice of URLs, go-live process and were flexible on incorporating different stakeholder views

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