Adelaide Expo Hire.
Brand Revitalisation

Adelaide Expo Hire

The Challenge

Adelaide Expo Hire (AEH) is Adelaide’s largest and most awarded exhibition company, servicing the local, national and international exhibition market. Managing Director, Michael Siebert spent his first year as the sole owner of the business analysing the industry to take the business to the next level. He had redefined his business structure, but needed a strategy to announce the changes to industry.

The Solution

Pitstop Marketing worked with Michael and the AEH management team to articulate and define the brand through a workshop. Following a competitor analysis, a revitalised brand identity was developed including logo, colour palette and suite of corporate stationary.

The new identity represents the shape of a booth, with the cube shape reversed out of the centre and is a nod to the legacy of the 27 year-old brand. Its three sections represent the new business units and can be interpreted as arrows, representing the thinking taking place outside of the box.

Pitstop Marketing was also tasked with developing a new website for AEH, the objective being to reflect the changes within the organisation through a contemporary designed, yet functional website. The newly separated core Divisions, AEH Exhibitions, AEH Signs and AEH Custom Displays, required their own pages to display unique service offerings. Furthermore the website needed to communicate with the new IT software adopted by the business to deliver an integrated front and backend solution. The complete look and feel of this integration is yet to be finalised due to changes with the software.

In order to demonstrate AEH’s leadership in the industry, a bespoke tool was also added to the website to help clients visualise their exhibition space.

Finally, Pitstop Marketing provided recommendations for a Social Media strategy and designed, built and managed the Electronic Direct Mail to announce the launch of the revitalised AEH brand and website.

Client Testimonial

“The team at Pitstop Marketing were excellent during the whole process from our initial branding discussions right through to website delivery and social media advice. They were very supportive given our lack of expertise in some of the areas they assisted us with and went the extra mile in the delivery of the website. The rebranding has been excellent for AEH. The staff have been re-engaged and our clients have been very positive about what we have done. Two other things that impressed me which are not seen in our branding or website, was how they quickly grasped what Adelaide Expo Hire was about and further, they have contacted me a couple of times since our dealings to give me a few bits of advice which has been appreciated.”

Michael Siebert, Managing Director

The Outcome

The launch Electronic Direct Mail received a 44% open rate. The click rate was 12.8%, well over the industry click rate average of 1.8%.

Google Analytics results show website traffic spiked and has remained steady since the launch on July 1 2015. Interestingly, the site has seen a decrease in the bounce rate month on month as well as an increase in the pages viewed per session indicating that visitors were more engaged and diving deeper into the site.

AEH were also empowered to manage their social media profiles with recommendations for each platform. The AEH team were also given a detailed ‘How To’ Guide to manage their website internally in the future.


Open rate of eDM


Click through rate


Departments owning their own sub brand