1414 Degrees.
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1414 Degrees

The Challenge

Latent Heat Storage had spent 10 years developing its patented thermal energy storage system which is set to reduce energy costs by increasing the efficiency of renewable generation and stabilising grid supply. They wanted to start communicating with the community about their progress and opportunities ahead. As they entered the commercialisation phase following the completion of the prototype, they needed a marketing strategy and communications plan, but most immediately a new name, brand identity and website. In fact they needed them within a week!

The Solution

Pitstop Marketing delivered a new name, a new brand identity, website, social media channels and email subscription within a week.

Liaising with multiple stakeholders across Australian states and globally, we concurrently designed both the brand identity and website, needing to be adaptable to feedback and changes as we went. Copy was written directly into a password protected live site to enable all to view and provide feedback in a timely manner.

An email database was set up to capture subscriptions through the website, to engage any interested parties from the outset and empower ongoing communication.

Social media handles were registered, set live and populated with initial content, allowing interested parties to follow as the business story progresses.

Client Testimonial

“1414 Degrees are very happy with the responsiveness of the Pitstop team under pressure. Pitstop pulled out all the stops to make it happen for 1414 Degrees. The board really liked the rebranding and marketing scheme and look forward to a successful collaboration.”

Dr. Kevin Moriarty, Executive Chairman

How we did it

Can we have a new name, a new brand identity and a new website…? Within a week thank you.

This is what we were recently faced with, as a client had an article about to be featured in the Business Section of The Advertiser.

As a strategic marketing agency we pride ourselves on gaining insight, exploring the brand personality, defining the personas etc etc. However there simply was not the time to take the client through this process – we had a week.

Having spent a considerable about of time understanding the company and its product in the two weeks leading up to this, we relied on our judgement, instinct and knowledge gained thus far to power through and deliver based on the current situation.

Sometimes you just need to get started. We knew we could tweak key messages, web page layouts and architecture, so our focus was on the brand name and identity which would set the tone for all other marketing implementation to follow.

A brief workshop was held with some available board members , and our personality and tone was set. Some blue sky thinking to approach the name delivered a range of options which differentiated it from competitors. Board members convened again at short notice with Pitstop, selected their preferred name and the design process began.

Unusually the website design needed to happen concurrently to the brand identity, which is hard to do when a look and feel has not yet been defined, nor a colour palate selected. Content was written directly into the website and viewed by all stakeholders with a live password protected site.

The final brand identity was selected two days before the website needed to go live. The colour palate was confirmed one day before going live. A couple of late nights and a new brand was born.

Welcome to the world 1414 Degrees.



Corporate Rebranding


Website Design


Social Media

Days Turnaround

The website acts as the main platform for 1414 Degrees to get their brand out there.


Mobile Refresh


Rebuilt From the Inside Out


Extensive Demographic Studies

  • Mobile Sales 80% 80%
  • Website Traffic 50% 50%
  • Conversion Rate 75% 75%
  • Email Subscribers 60% 60%

The Results Were Amazing

Building the online presence for 1414 Degrees from scratch has been incredible. The brand touch points now exist digitally over the website, social media and email campaigns.