Our team.
We are like-minded marketers who pull together to achieve the best possible results for you. We combine our different strengths and varied experience, working together in order to offer you considered branding and strategic marketing advice, suitable digital and social media opportunities and targeted implementation.


By engaging Pitstop Marketing our team becomes part of yours, we will create and drive strategic marketing solutions assisting you in achieving your business goals.
We fit the team to you, not you to the team.
Pitstop Marketing is positioned as an external Marketing Manager that can provide unbiased recommendations based on your best interests and without internal benefit to us.

However we cannot strategically implement our clients’ projects without a suite of highly talented, insightful and down right clever folks who assist us with design, web development, social media monitoring, printing, photography, research, interior design and more.

We have the absolute privilege to work with a wide range of suppliers from all channels of communication. Some are freelancers, some are agencies. Some are local, some aren’t. Some are from our network, some are from our clients’ networks.

We have the flexibility to work with anyone. The business was set up this way to allow the best possible outcome for our clients. We can work with your existing relationships, or if they aren’t producing the goods, we can recommend one of our suppliers based on who we think the best fit is for you and your brand.