Coming from a team of 15 and an organisation of over 1,000 people, I was used to being met with a chorus of hellos from 3 different rooms, radios playing different stations and phones ringing a mile a minute. With an office of five, walking into the office at Pitstop Marketing I was instead met with warm smiles, lots of new stationary (yay!) and a sense of calm.

My impression of Pitstop was lean and mean  – except they are not mean at all – in my first 15 minutes I had a coffee in hand (made for me) and at the morning meeting they brought me cakes!

While there was plenty of things to read and passwords to learn, I wasted no time in getting my hands dirty and dived straight in. On day one I was updating copy on a website selling hairpieces and wigs, day two I was writing articles for a quarterly direct mail for a financial company and by day three I was writing Facebook posts for a jewellery brand. Since then I have written a blog on Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome (say that three times quickly), created copy about coffee, and am now working on running a Facebook competition and helping launch a new website!

The team has been extremely welcoming and supportive. I am learning at least 20 new things every day and with this much variety, I know that won’t ever change. I look forward to what’s in store over the next two weeks and beyond, and to the next round of cakes!