Media on my terms – I’m loving it.

Streaming giant Netflix has changed the Australian media landscape for the better. With a huge array of on demand TV shows and movies it is sure to satisfy our growing need for consuming media immediately.

The best part is Netflix understand the value we now place on controlling media in our own time with the added bonus of no contract monthly subscription options. This is just the start as providers start to adapt to us, the increasingly time poor and discerning consumers.

With this in mind if you like keeping up with the latest news, look out for Bloomberg Media’s launch of Responsive.TV, a new site that will offer quick bursts of news information. There’s no lengthy video content just key information delivered quickly meeting the demands of their audience. Think of it as the love child of BuzzFeed and The New York Times.

The landscape is changing and I’m looking forward to seeing how media and technology will continue to change during an age of time-poor consumers. Provided they tell me in 150 characters or less!

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