Georgi Roberts |  Monday 14th April  2014 

As of today (April 14th), LinkedIn has removed the Product and Services tab on all LinkedIn Company pages.

This has been superseded by the new ‘Showcase’ page, and is essentially a push by LinkedIn to get businesses to do more updates from the Company pages themselves.

So, what is  a Showcase page?

In LinkedIn’s words…
“Showcase Pages allow you to extend your Company Page presence by creating a dedicated page for prominent products and services. A Showcase Page should be used for building long-term relationships with members who want to follow specific aspects of your business, and not for short-term marketing campaigns.”

What does this actually mean? Here’s our translation:

The Showcase page is great for businesses with divisions that speak to different target markets (eg. Microsoft may have one for Office 365, and another for Xbox as the target markets and key messages would differ).

For smaller businesses – hold tight, keep your Company page going, and don’t forget to make updates on a regular basis. Remember to promote the messages that resonate with your current and potential clients / buyers most.
Be strategic with your social media time, and remember to measure your results.

Need more help?

NB. If you require a copy of your old content from the Product and Services tab, you can request it from LinkedIn here, until May 30th 2014.