Coca Cola, McDonalds, The Kardashians. What do they all have in common? We would argue that they are all global brands, highly recognisable, ever present and each following some key marketing principles which have underpinned the building of a distinctive and memorable brand.


Since their inception as a brand, the Kardashians have built an empire, have a social presence that features the most liked photo on Instagram of 2015 and have garnered worldwide recognition. So, what can they teach us about building a brand? Here are three key learnings.

Let’s start with distinctiveness. They are known for their Ks (and they use them). From their Kardashion Kollection brand, which sells almost anything, to the Kardashion Konfidential book, to Kim marrying a man named Kris and handing out Krispy Kreams at their wedding.

Key learning: This family knows a distinctive asset when they see it.
Next, their key message: “family” – not so much family friendly (their fame stemmed from non-PG circumstances) but the idea that blood is thicker than water is number one in the K household. Often seen in packs, their show is 100% geared towards showcasing family, supporting one another and unconditional love.

Key learning: Their brand values are strong and reinforced constantly.

Third – a reason to believe. The Kardashians are an aspirational brand. The former shopkeepers and PA to Paris Hilton now own a multi-million dollar empire and they are inviting you to join their climb to the top. You can dress like them, smell like them and live vicariously through their show, all in preparation for when your 15 minutes of fame finally arrives.

Key learning: It’s made easy to believe and subscribe to the brand.

So you may judge them and think their show is mindless but the Kardashian brand is a force to be reckoned with and not one to be overlooked. We think they have a few lessons to teach others about building a successful brand.

These holidays we encourage you to look further afield in search of successful brand implementation and see how you can apply it to your own brand. Just keep it G rated….

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