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Finding the unsought opportunity within your business

Key takeaway: We need to look at what the customer is not doing Over 2 days I listened to over 40 local and international speakers at ADMA’s Global Forum. A recurring theme of the presenters was the opportunity surrounding the customer that we don’t look for. What...

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Your Digital Elevator Pitch – how to craft it.

The elevator pitch – loved by few, despised by many – but necessary! We craft an elevator pitch to enable us to explain what your business does to create a spark of interest in a short space of time. This is used in many different occasions – networking, answering a...

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The social media rules that never change

With plenty of new social media platforms popping up on the market constantly and every existing one continuing to develop and update their offering it can be hard to keep up. There always seems to be new rules to abide by, but what is true for one platform may not...

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The three most common links Georgi shares at presentations

During a presentation, or advising on marketing, I often refer to the same links time and again, to provide further insight or inspiration.  They’re not going to suddenly create sales, or deliver new leads banging at your door – but they are ALL important – and this...

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