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Facebook’s Crack Down on the Health Industry

Nutrition, fitness, health and well-being issues are widely discussed and promoted on social media platforms. From delicious smoothie bowl recommendations to fitness empires posting about their next 8-week challenge – it’s unusual if you don’t have a post like this...

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5 tips to make sure you are SEO savvy in 2019

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It’s a necessary part of your marketing if you want visits to your website. It changes constantly, so here’s 5 SEO tips to ensure you’re up to date in 2019. TL;DR Use phrases, leverage old content, optimise videos,...

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Google SEO updates – what impacts your website?

Two updates, big impacts, but apparently nothing to do? Google recently made two updates to its Search Algorithm – here’s a quick explanation of what has happened and what you may need to do. Update 1: The imaginatively named ‘June 2019 Core Search Algorithm update’...

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Goodbye Google+ (we won’t miss you!)

Here at Pitstop, we recently received a number of emails from Google about the pending shut down of our Google+ accounts. There was urgency around the message-  we need to save any Google+ data BEFORE April 1 otherwise all content will be deleted! Scared yet? Don’t...

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We’ve rebranded

We’ve rebranded. It was time for Pitstop Marketing to rebrand. Why?  We’ve had a few changes within the business, but this was not the primary reason. The truth is that the brand identity just didn’t feel like us anymore. We needed a logo that represents where the...

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