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Google SEO updates – what impacts your website?

Two updates, big impacts, but apparently nothing to do? Google recently made two updates to its Search Algorithm – here’s a quick explanation of what has happened and what you may need to do. Update 1: The imaginatively named ‘June 2019 Core Search Algorithm update’...

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Goodbye Google+ (we won’t miss you!)

Here at Pitstop, we recently received a number of emails from Google about the pending shut down of our Google+ accounts. There was urgency around the message-  we need to save any Google+ data BEFORE April 1 otherwise all content will be deleted! Scared yet? Don’t...

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We’ve rebranded

We’ve rebranded. It was time for Pitstop Marketing to rebrand. Why?  We’ve had a few changes within the business, but this was not the primary reason. The truth is that the brand identity just didn’t feel like us anymore. We needed a logo that represents where the...

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How do you measure the success of your SEO?

How do you measure the success of your SEO? I can get you on Page 1 for 100 keywords! We all receive these emails every day, right? As I delete another five this morning, I wonder… those of you who do your own Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), or who use an agency, or...

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The rise of Social Media Influencers (yes, they matter!)

The rise of Social Media Influencers (yes, they matter!) Five years ago, who would have thought you could have the job title ‘Social Media Influencer’?! And here we are in 2018, with more social media influencers than ever, making a living through your brand. It’s the...

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Another week, another Facebook announcement.

Another week, another Facebook announcement. Another change to the News Feed has been announced - and warning bells are sounding. Click here to Skip to the 4 things to do now A fortnight ago, it was announced that Facebook users will see more on Facebook newsfeeds...

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