Last week a friend in Sydney introduced me to Frank. A coffee body scrub. He was amazing, my body had never felt like that before.

Penelope Bettison |  Monday 17th August 2015

His packaging was textural, albeit a little messy to manoeuvre in the shower. 

It wasn’t until I looked up the website that I started to understand Frank the way I do now. Talking to me in a suggestive and humorous way.


Within minutes I had subscribed, liked the Facebook page and within a week I had ordered product for myself, my sister and friends.

The shipping confirmation email poetically tells me my order is on its way in a tone that is so on brand and gives my a direct link to track it.

When the products arrived, the experience continued, with the external box stating “Let’s be frank, I’m just what you’ve been waiting for.” 

Inside the next piece of amazing packaging – “What’s soft, smooth, and supple all over?”, the answer provided on the inside of the box “You, after you use what’s in this box.”

#letsbefrank. Gold. On brand. Engaging.  

This is only one small part of how well managed this brand is, you will need to experience it for yourself. From identity work to sub graphics, to content tone and integrated strategy. What appears to be a feminine brand from the outset, you soon realise this is one masculine brand personality, appealing to the feminine market.

At each stage of my brand journey, getting to know Frank, I was delighted, entertained and felt part of something.

I immediately fell for the product, but it has been a long time since a brand engaged me this way. This brand is thoughtfully considered, anchors itself in the lover archetype and has defined its personality so tightly that it leaves no room for doubt. It knows who it’s selling to and it’s estimated turnover of $20M in under two years since start-up, proves good brand strategy is a compelling investment.

Do yourself a favour, set a date to meet Frank.