Key takeaway: We need to look at what the customer is not doing

Over 2 days I listened to over 40 local and international speakers at ADMA’s Global Forum. A recurring theme of the presenters was the opportunity surrounding the customer that we don’t look for.

What this means is that it’s important to focus not only on your current customer and their purchase, but to be thinking about the potential ‘unlocked’ customer, or ‘unbought’ item or service.

We may forget to actively identify and convert this opportunity as often our focus is on what is clicked on, and which demographic or target market responds to our marketing. We think about the product or service which is popular within our business, but not popularity of searches for other items in the marketplace that are not being responded to.

Do some research with your own and externally available data to look for the unsought and unbought.

Your own data sources may include: Google Analytics; automation software; social media analytics. External sources may include Google Trends, search engine software, white papers.

What could you look for? Ideas for your research:

The answers to the questions below and subsequent research may unlock new opportunities – and differentiators for your business.

  • What link in my email was not clicked on?
    • Are items not being clicked on because of the subject or the messaging? Can you reframe the item, or should you change the topic? What images are more (and less) effective?
  • What group is not responding to my messages?
    • Look at your personas. Often we pride ourselves on the popular group, but what about the missed opportunity from those who are not as involved? Why is this? Are you not triggering the correct emotion or addressing a barrier to purchase? Do you need to redefine that persona if your messaging is wrong? Do you need different messaging to talk to that group?
  • What information is being sought out that no one else is providing?
    • Look at data from search engines and Google Trends – where does this search traffic go? What areas are not being satisfied for the researcher that you could provide?

The reminder to not forget this this potential purchaser is key, especially for those tasked with the challenge to look for and find new markets and opportunities.

Are you tasked with finding new markets and opportunities? Use your data to find the potential purchaser who may be one click away from becoming your next customer.

If you’ve never sat down to look at the insights already available to you from your digital presence, let us know – we can help grow you and your organisation’s capability to use and understand the analytics you already have access to.

Want to use those insights to identify or develop new personas? We can help with that too.

Pitstop Marketing is constantly investing in our own learning to grow our team’s capabilities to help our clients grow their business. Last week Georgi attended ADMA’s Global Forum 2017 in Sydney.

This article particularly took learnings from: Candice Ong from Shopback; Vittoria Shortt from CommBank and Adam Steward from RB.