Alice McDonald |  Tuesday 26th August 2014 

Oh to be a fly on the wall in the Pitstop Marketing office…
Well – I’m not sure if anyone has said that, however we talk a lot about how we get marketed to as individuals, sharing what we love and sharing our own pet peeves.

Alice has been getting hot under the collar about how she has been treated… we asked her to transfer her rant into writing….GR

Alice, Alice who the ‘bleep’ is Alice?’ I’m Alice and if you know me you know I don’t like that song; the rude version anyway.
As a marketer I go about my day noticing marketing, taking note of new channels and touch points for businesses and I’m always considering ways in which my clients could benefit.
Digital marketing is a good fit for many clients: it’s cost effective, tick; You can measure the results, tick; And you can tailor your efforts, bonus! Three big ticks for why I love digital.
But if you’re anything like me, sometimes I get tired. I get tired of constant messages – I get digital fatigue.
Slave to my smartphone never more than a metre away, my laptop at home, my computer at work. My iPad for shopping while watching TV, checking emails at the supermarket check out… sometimes I yearn for the slower, quieter days when the home phone had a cord and you got birthday cards in the mail. Sometimes I just want to turn off.
Now if you know me and by now, dear brands who can’t stop trying to get my attention, you should. Because of my digital activity and customer history you’ll know lots about me. You know my age, my address, my preferred services, my grievances, history, how many children I have, my hair colour, you know my marital status and maybe even the car I drive.
So, dear brands, if you want to connect with me – make it personal,  use the information you have about me and give me content I want to know about, when I want to know about it;

…. Yes my hair needs a colour
…. You’re right, my car is due for a service
…. A family activity suitable for rowdy boys, tell me where and when
…. Birthday present ideas for husbands
…. Spray tan early bird deal – well maybe…
So, brands, who market to me like I’m male, I’m 20 or that I AM THE SAME AS EVERYONE ELSE – why aren’t you being relevant? Why aren’t you personalising your messages? Why does your timing suck?

I’ll give you a couple of tips before I ‘unlike’, ‘opt-out’, ‘unsubscribe’ or simply delete or mark as spam:

  • Segment your database – I buy kids shoes online, at regular intervals – why not show me a deal for these next time? (email marketing)
  • Find out where I live, and just tell me about those deals. I am unlikely to see a movie in Bondi Junction tomorrow night. (use your analytics)
  • Understand my everyday, and make things easier for me, give me something to look at when I am bored, I’m more likely to be on social media when I’m not at work (surely you’ve done your Persona work, right?)

I’m not Jane, Samantha or Leanne… I’m Alice. Take the time to get to know me, and we might just have a deal.