As the undisputed king of air safety videos, Air New Zealand has dived into the world of content creation feet first and is constantly being rewarded for its efforts with millions of views on YouTube and more than a million likers on Facebook (with some posts receiving over 500 likes). It’s clear that Air New Zealand is connecting with consumers in a meaningful way, so what’s their secret?

1. The content is relevant. 

Air Safety videos are something that everyone has to watch so why not make them entertaining? Think about the content you already need to create. How you can take it a step further and make it more entertaining? What’s new way of engaging customers with using the same material?

2. It all ties back to the brand. 

From using the All Blacks to Lord of the Rings, Air New Zealand thinks about what makes New Zealand unique and highlights this – reinforcing the uniquely New Zealand point of view. What’s special about your brand? Can you use imagery, specific language or ambassadors that also represent this characteristic?

3. They think beyond the brand box and focus on selling the destination just as much as the journey. 

Air New Zealand takes the video content away from the stereotypical behind the scenes videos of the crew, or a chat with the captain to focus on what people think about most when they fly – their destination. They have done this through videos about great activities, the people – and many are about exploring all the other counties they fly to. Air New Zealand understands that the more people want to go to the destinations they fly to, the more flights they will sell. Think about your customers end goal and see how you can play a relevant part in them achieving it. How can you motivate them to get there?

4. Entertainment 

The reason for the millions of views really boils down to one thing; entertainment. Their videos are genuinely entertaining, engaging and we are always happy to watch them one more time and to share them with our friends – and they have managed to do this by staying true to the brand.

Creating content has many benefits; it creates another way for customers to engage with your brand, it boosts credibility by displaying that you are leader in your field and it has a high level of shareability if done right. There is no doubt, however – it does require time and effort. Ensure you plan, follow the steps above and commit to creating great content rather than lots of content.

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