In our most recent post we spoke about why you should view your business as a digital business. We know however that most businesses will also continue to have a very physical presence in the real world.

Olga Grudinina |  Thursday 5th November 2015
After all, the wine you order online will still be judged on the contents of the bottle that arrives at your door and the plumber you booked through an app on your phone still has to come to your home and fix your dripping tap. In many cases digital will enhance, not replace the physical.

Which leads us to an emerging trend; Brigital.- combining the Bricks and Mortar of the physical world with the Digital. Companies are starting to look to digital tactics to offer a point of difference to their customers in the real world.

There are great examples of brands capitalising on this and showcasing what ‘Brigital can deliver. Uber, who has transformed the physical taxi ride into a digitally driven experience, from selecting and booking your driver to watching them on the GPS as they arrive to pick you up.

McDonalds now allows you to build your own burger with a touch panel in-store and the National Wine Centre has a special wine preservation and dispensing machine, which allows customers to select from over 120 different wines and pour their own drink, offering greater variety and reducing congestion at the tasting table.

The core offering remains but the method of delivery/interaction/redemption changes, creating (in the cases above) a unique and ideally better customer experience.

Don’t be digital for the sake of it, if it doesn’t enhance your product or customer experience don’t do it, but have a think about if it could.

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