Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It’s a necessary part of your marketing if you want visits to your website. It changes constantly, so here’s 5 SEO tips to ensure you’re up to date in 2019.

TL;DR Use phrases, leverage old content, optimise videos, remember voice search and use the visit wisely when you get that traffic.

  1. Phrases
    • Broaden your search terms to use phrases, rather than one or two words. Search engine users are getting more advanced and using longer, more detailed keyword phrases. We are beginning to search like we speak. Now 50% of search terms are four words or longer.
      Try and understand the phrases that people are using to find products such as yours, not words that you use to describe your product.
      For example: they’re searching  ‘where can I get my chair reupholstered nearby’ not ‘furniture reupholstery’. Google even changed their search algorithm to suit these more personable searches.
  2. Reignite
    • Reignite love for old favourite pages. Pages that Google once ranked well, but have since dropped off, have a better opportunity of re-ranking, than newly created unranked pages. Take advantage of your old content, and freshen it up with updated intros and new images to start driving traffic again. Use Google Search Console to see historical traffic (it can look back 16 months), and leverage the content that you already have.
  3. YouTube
    • Be aware of other search platforms, especially the second biggest search engine – YouTube. Are you optimising the content around your videos? Think about how users search in this channel, eg. many YouTube searches start with ‘How To’. Consider using this into the title and description of your video. Don’t forget to use those tags too!
  1. Voice
    • Consider Voice Search. It has crossed over from early adopters and is growing in popularity – especially with the younger generation. When searching by voice, we use longer phrases and are more conversational than when typing into a device. Instead of typing “new Adelaide restaurants”, we might say ‘what is the newest restaurant in Adelaide’. 22% of voice searches are for local content, so ensure that you use words such as ‘near me’ or ‘in Adelaide’ in your content.
  2. Leverage
    • Make your search visits meaningful!
    • Leverage this precious visit by:
      • Gaining an email address for future marketing and automation;
      • Re-marketing to them on other platforms. Ensure you have a Facebook Pixel and Google Tag on your site, and take advantage with re-marketing. Personalise this next step by calling out the page content on the Ad you use.
      • Always have a CLICK TO CALL button. Make it easy for them to get in touch. Given that over 50% of searches are now on mobile, they should just be able to hit one button to hear your voice.
  3. Links

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