We know you’re desperate to put your out of office on, but there are 3 tasks that need to be on your to-do list before you wave goodbye to work and hello to some time off. 

1. Change your hours throughout your online presence.  

Not changing your hours often leads to lost sales, and mistrust because of a poor customer experience.  

  • Google my business – you can set temporary holiday hours – click here to learn how.
  • Facebook – Facebook has yet to allow users to set up holiday hours independent of their regular hours. Still, it’s not a difficult process. Here’s how:

1. Click About on the left side of your page
2. Click Edit Page Info
3. Click the Hours tab at the top
4. Add your hours and click Save Changes

  • Instagram – write a post, but also put your changes up in the image, so if customers are looking to see if you are open on Insta, they can easily find out.
  • Your website.

2. Set up auto-reply responses on social media.  

For Facebook, Insta and TikTok, use the auto-response tool to let people know if you won’t be answering their messages immediately – and give them the expectation of when you will get back to them. 

This is a great chance to show your brand’s personality, eg: 

“Thanks for your message. We’re currently on a break. Not a Ross <-> Rachel break, more of a ‘Wow, it’s been quite a year, we need to watch ALL of the Home Alone series followed by Die Hard whilst nose bagging chocolate kind of break.’ We’ll get back to you on the 5th of January.” 

3. Check any social media posts that you have scheduled.

Did you write something a while ago and schedule it? Just check in on your content. If there is a crisis, could it be deemed insensitive?  

Why not send yourself a diary reminder to check in on your posts just before they are due to go out. Risk-averse, yes – but we remember back to 2013 when Tesco had to pull its Value burgers off the shelves as food investigators found horse meat in some burgers. So… no one had checked the upcoming Tweet which contained the phrase ‘hit the hay’ ?.

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