Right now, social media platforms are changing faster than Clarke Kent spotting a damsel in distress. Here’s a quick round up.

1. Google My Business (GMB) – easier to update

The must-do part of anyone’s SEO – GMB updates – has become easier! You can now add content such as opening hours, contact details and posts to promote new products or updates – directly from Google Search. To access your google my business page, click here: google.com/mybusiness.

For local SEO – this MUST be a part of your marketing strategy.

Click here for the update from Google.

2. Instagram Reels – longer view time for trending video plays

Your Instagram Reels have been extended – they can now be up to 60 seconds. If you haven’t started with Reels, now is the time!

With a huge amount of engagement and the algorithm loving those who post, it’s time to start experimenting.

If you’re unsure what reels can do, or even what they can look like – check out a few we’ve made here – AND – sound on!!!:

3. Google Ads – more than a disapproving look

Ad disapprovals are the bane of some business’ lives, and are often ignored, especially when requests to review are rejected. Businesses will need to change their approach from September this year (2021) when Google’s “three strikes and you’re out” policy will apply.

In an effort to educate businesses about Google’s Ad policies, which prevent ‘unsafe or harmful ads from showing,’ Google is increasing penalties with each strike applied.

As you will see in the link – it’s actually four strikes – a warning then three more strikes, with the final punishment being Account Suspension.

You have been warned! We recommend you review your Ads account THIS MONTH or have your marketing team review this for you.

Read more information here.